A judaism in that is not solely dictated by official institutions, allyah-based programs, or by the antisemites, but that is plural, promoted by different people who believe, like us, that judaism is a culture, which can be transmitted and evolve everyday in a positive, inclusive and innovative way, without restraints or censorship.


We believe that judaism needs to be able to innovate and rethink itself in order to survive in the country. Therefore, we encourage French jewish innovation through different programs:

1. An event for every Jewish celebration where we create a unique, original and meaningful cultural experience for young Jewish people in order to make them feel connected to their Jewish identity (especially if they have few or no connection to the Jewish world) and strengthen their bond to each other.

2. The “Living Together” festivals, where we develop multicultural activities around a common passion for art to introduce the Jewish culture to the general public through dancing and musical performances on public stages. As a result, we have been facilitating outdoor dancing workshop on the Jussieu banks that gathered about 2000 people twice a week for 2 months, see following video: 

3. The development of Artsy Jewish Communities where we dance, sing, learn but most importantly spread, through each of our artistic events, a part of our sense of Jewry. This combination of art/Jewish culture witch that is at the very heart of Jewsalsa’s DNA, is the basis of the communities of artists made of professionals and amateurs that have formed around our different artistic meetings. These communities have been growing while embodying the Jewish soul of JewSalsa through art and attract a wide Jewish audience including notably young Jewish that are unaffiliated to any existing Jewish community.

4. The development of tomorrow’s Jewish cultural leaders who will commit to creating alternative Jewish ways in France, and the strengthening of their leadership through training programs, networking and micro-grants. For example, we’re organising a weekend retreat this year for Hannukah, in Disneyland Paris, for 50 young Jewish leaders, including 10 Jewish artists from our Artsy community.

5. Our offbeat weekly online program which has reached millions of views – “Jewsalsa TV” – which spreads a positive judaism, promotes innovative projects as well as Jewsalsa’s values through humoristic quality video. Have you seen the Matzah dance (100.000 views) ?