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JewSalsa Havdala in LONDON 5779 !

🇬🇧🇬🇧 Shavua tov from London !! 🙂 🇬🇧🇬🇧the jewSalsa's London chapter is open ! __________the 1st Jewsalsa havdala in London gathered 120 young jews @ ABi's PLACE project 74 !!!! congtrat to the team of jewsalsa leaders, for this new achievement in the middle of our 1st jewsalsa leadersip retreat of 5779 😉 and big surprise to see 18 friends (summer U, sukkah me in paris ..) ! . We start to advertise the party at 5pm friday with Abi's team and 120 people came 😉 ouaw ! Thanks you Abi Josh ! Asher and all your team ! You have created your project one month ago , already 6 events: Long life to abi’s place ! (it reminds me so much the beginning of jeWsalsa 10 years ago) ! The JewSalsa London chapter is definitely crazy : Sadeh farm and Abi' place are definitely 2 crazy innovatives grassroots projects we have seen in Europe : you can count Jewsalsa as your strong partner 😉 (Thanks you also to our friends of hackel hazon !)

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Live from Prague !! Ca va Paris ?? ;)Annonce du prochain gros WEEK END Jewsalsa : 7-9 dec Hanukkah ! Inscription ouverte : !! #jewsalsa #leadership #golem

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Pre-retreat Hanukkah