Artsy Jewish communities

Music, dance, theater improvisation.. 3 artistic disciplines that drive us, that we teach but more importantly that enable us to meet amazing people, live moments of collective enjoyment and create sounds, choreographies and sketches that inspire us and through which we can both express our Jewish identity and share it. They include weekly dancing lessons, inspiring Master Class delivered by rising artists like the jazzman Jérémy Hababou, jam sessions during which musicians who don’t know each other freestyle together to offer the audience pure moments of music, nigounim sessions where hundreds of Jewsalseros discover the soul of Jewish music. We dance, we sing, we learn, we meet but most importantly we spread through each of our artistic events a part of our sense of Jewry by incorporating Jewish learnings, sounds inspired by the Klezmer music or moves coming from the shtettle dances that enable us to feel our Jewish identity. This combination art/Jewish culture that is at the very heart of Jewsalsa’s DNA, is the basis of the communities of artists made of professionals and amateurs that have formed around our different artistic meetings. These communities have been growing while embodying the Jewish soul of JewSalsa through art and attract a wide Jewish audience including notably young Jewish that or unaffiliated to any existing Jewish community.