The “Living Together” Festivals

The “Living Together” Festivals represent the highlights of our commitment to both bringing communities closer together and creating a sharing space for them. Throughout this program we work for strengthening the links between Jews and non-Jews through dance, music and festive events which are powerful factors of connection and togetherness. More specifically, we develop multicultural activities around a common passion for art to introduce the Jewish culture to the general public through dancing and musical performances on public stages and spread the image of a community that keeps its own cultural determinants and its identity while being open to other cultures and intertwining with them. If we are such active “living together” advocates, it is because it is one of our funding values. We strongly believe that we are all neighbours, and we have much more in common than we have differences that split us apart. We all can share with and learn from others whatever culture or religion we are affiliated to and as music and dance enthusiasts we know how connecting and gathering art is.

As we have a large experience in facilitating outdoor activities, including notably the Klezmer, Oriental and Latino dancing workshops we run every year, some of which taking place during the summer, more and more festival supervisors contact us to benefit from our unique know-how. We have been facilitating outdoor dancing sessions that gather about 2000 people every two weeks for two months each summer, either 20 000 people annually for 4 years!

For 5 years, we have been facilitating outdoor dancing workshop on the Jussieu banks that gather about 2000 people twice a week for 2 months, either 26 000 people each summer! Thanks to our dedicated webserie and our videos showing our summer activities we can keep in touch with the participants, be recognized on social media and increase the attendance every year!