JewSalsa creates the Event for every Jewish Celebration

Jewish Festivals are wonderful opportunities to create unique cultural experiences for the young Jewish people in order to make them feel connected to their Jewish identity and strenghten their bond to each other. On top of bringing Jews together, maintaining Jewish traditions alive and turning them into an experience really meaningful for all its participants, these Jewish gatherings also attract young Jews who have none or a few connection with the Jewish world and are willing to meet other Jews in a friendly atmosphere.

Through our celebration of Hanukkah, Purim ( the great Gatsby Purim Party), Rosh hashana ( Camel Island Party), Pessah, Lag Baomer, and finally Sukot ( Sukkah Me I’am Famous party), we experiment innovative funny and quirky concepts, allowing the JS youth to gather in an open and unifying spirit. Since JewSalsa was founded, the attendance level has increased and we now gather 2000 to 3000 people each year during these events, the most attractive event gathering 650 people.

During the 4 shows we run at the NEW MORNING (the best world music club in Paris!) to end our most attended events for Jewish Festivals in a warm and artsy manner, we invite different orchestras in order to reinterpret the most famous Jewish celebration songs with a new and lively style that mixes-up various types of music including gospel, salsa and chamber music. The mindset that las behind our artistic creations and our events dedicated to the Jewish Festivals is focused on  the togetherness, the need for sharing, the respect of all Jewish identities and the gathering around tolerance and art.