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Our primary motivation at JewSalsa is to take action to reinvent today’s cultural Judaism in order to shape it into a way of living one’s Jewry we can feel connected to and that brings together the Jewish youth while allowing everyone to discover, live, share and express their Jewish identity through art and culture. Since we began, we have led ambitious projects, gathered more and more people, tested new ideas, sometimes totally offbeat, materially supported innovative minds like those who commit to creating an alternative Jewish life in France, acted for transmitting our volunteers our passion for Jewish entrepreneurship and trained them to strenghten their leadership.

From the JewSalsa Innovation Trophee that allowed us to offer micro-grants to a dozen of innovative projects dedicated to cultural Judaism to the provision of equipments and offices to young Jewish entrepreneurs, through the running of Hackathon intending to encourage the emergence, within the JewSalsa team, creative ideas to develop our different programs, our JewSalsa Cultural Leaders of Tomorrow Program aims at supporting and revealing leadership as much in young Jewish entrepreneurs committed to the Jewish cultural life as in our volunteers. Recently we even have enriched our pedagogical offer to the benefit of our volunteers who can now participate in training retreats designed to help them develop the skills needed to run any kind of project from end to end in an independent way, teach the values and methods of the organization.


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